About Mozambique

Although Mozambique has made considerable progress in reducing poverty, more than 80 percent of Mozambicans continue to live on less than two dollars per day. International humanitarian organizations continue to fight poverty in Mozambique by providing aid in the hopes of ending hunger, improving water and sanitation quality and advancing education and health care.

About ACAMPLA Africa

ACAMPLA Africa specialises in training local people in Mozambique skills that can help them have an income and be self reliant. Missionaries; Jacqueline, Manasses and Maria teach courses in cutting, sewing and making handicrafts.

The materials and equipment used in these courses are donated by collaborators who believe and support the persistent work of ACAMPLA.

ACAMPLA provides the following skills:

  1. Textiles
  2. Hairdressing/Barbering
  3. Sewing
  4. Crochet
  5. Making flip flops
  6. Teaching reading and writing skills
  7. Bricklaying and construction

You can learn more about ACAMPLA Africa on https://acampla.wordpress.com/

Some of the work from ACAMPLA.



Wristcheck.store will give 2% of any sale to this worthy cause. So when you are buying just know that some kids down in Mozambique are getting vital skills to better themselves.