15 Jun

Are Orient watches good?

Orient watches became a subsidiary of Seiko in 2007, however they were an independent manufacturer dating back to 1950. Orient’s watches were always economical and reliable. Although the brand is owned by Seiko, Orient continues to build their own movements. In-house fabrication is a good sign of quality since all of the required QC measures are monitored directly by the manufacturer and every aspect of construction is performed internally.

The short answer is yes, given how much they cost.  They make watches with top notch quality that rivals other reputed watch makers by several folds. They produce high quality, high accuracy, classic designs with competitive pricing.

Orient is probably the best bang for your buck entry level automatic watch out there. They’re more of a hidden gem in the watch world as it’s really the Japanese watch fans are the only that are familiar with them. They seem to be very responsive to what their customers want in a watch unlike the bulk of the industry.

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