02 Oct

Are Gucci watches worth the money?

In our society today, there is no question that everything is becoming more and more expensive over time. After paying off bills, college tuition for the kids and gas anymore, who has the money to spend on an expensive Gucci watch? Although worth the price, you can expect to pay anywhere from several hundred dollars to thousands of dollars on a Gucci watch.

Many of us are not willing to drop that kind of money for an accessory that is not needed. However, with continuous advances in authentic jewelry crafting, the craftsmanship of replica jewelry has increased as well. While cutting the price in half and sometimes even more, fake Gucci watches are becoming increasingly similar to that of the authentic.

When it comes to authentic Gucci watches, you will find beautiful gold, silver or stainless steel with an extraordinary face sometimes accompanied by diamonds. If you begin looking at and shopping for a fake Gucci watch, there are subtle differences that you will find.

Aside from the actual material they are made from, the main difference will come in the face of the watch. Some of the differences between an authentic Gucci watch and a fake Gucci watch may include the plating of the face and the encasing of the face. Even the smallest, almost unnoticeable features that can differ include the way the numbers are located on the face and the way the minute and hour hands move.

With an authentic Gucci watch, if you look closely you will notice how smooth the hands on the face move. Although it is not a huge deal, a fake Gucci watch's hands will be much more choppy than those of an authentic.

The other main difference worth noting between an authentic Gucci watch and a fake is the weight. If you were to hold one of each hand in hand, you will notice how much heavier the authentic watch is over the fake Gucci watch. If you were to purchase a fake gold watch, it will be lighter because it is gold plated as oppose to being actual gold. Another thing that makes the fake watches lighter is that the links in the band are hollow.

All ina all. at wristcheck we believe that Gucci watches are worth it.