Frequently Asked Questions

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There are numerous reasons behind this, authorized retailers offer higher prices than us because they tend to have more overhead costs (running a physical shop), they abide by the brands RRP and most importantly offer the official world wide warranty which is efficient because it allows customers to take a faulty watch to any local authorized retailer to get repaired. Customers do get a great deal buying from these retailers so the best way we can compete with this is by offering unbeatable discounts you can see on our website.

Yes, all the watches we sale can be authenticated at any reputable high street Jeweller. You can visit them any day and compare the watches we sale with what they have to see that the watches we sell are the same quality. 

Another way to check authenticity is by looking at the serial number on the case back of the watch. 

You can check the watch you purchase from wristcheck in two ways;

  1. Visit an official store and compare your watch with what the have.
  2. Check the serial number at the case back of the watch and verify it with any reputable Jeweller.

Most of our watches have a 2 Year warranty that can be activated around the world. 


We are able to ship to Europe, North America, Australia and the United Arab Emirates. 

In normal circumstances, you will get recieve your watch within two weeks of ordering. 

If there are delays with your watch we will inform you but this rarely happens. 

We ship our watches from the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy or Spain.